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We offer a variety of Services for our customer


Process Automation

We create systems so you can easily monitor and remotely control your facility from your computer or phone.

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General Electrical

We do general electrical work that you need taken care of around your facility.

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Monnit Solutions

We have systems that can monitor your products and alert you should a problem arise. With 80+ types of sensors, we have you covered.

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Process Automation

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PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a control system that can be used on many applications where monitoring and data collection is important. PLCs give you the advantage of bringing together multiple pieces of equipment to create a system that is easy to use and fully automated. Reduce downtime and stress by knowing what is happening at all times. Controlling and monitoring can be done via internet or text messaging. We Stock a Variety of Fuji VFDs, Schneider Contactor and Relays, and Lavato Operators. Call today to find out how PLCs can reduce inefficiency on the utility. More about PLC's

Applications include:

  • Grain systems- Powered distributors- Rotation sensors to monitor grain leg- full control of all functions from smartphone or tablet- start/stop augers grain leg and more

  • Manure separators and pumps- monitor pit levels- auto start separator, pumps, and conveyors- adjust pump speed to maintain maximum capacity of separator- know immediately if a pump clogs or motor overheats by receiving text or email alert

  • Greenhouse controllers- monitor and record temperature and irrigation- one controller can control multiple greenhouses- easy to use interface makes learning the system easy and stress free

General Services

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  • On sight wiring- equipped to wire grain and dairy facilities
  • Certified Sukup grain Dryer technician on staff
  • Authorized repair center for Dinamica Generale US
  • LED Lighting- Indoor and Outdoor
  • Video Cameras and Wireless Networking
  • Custom Control Panels
  • Variable speed drives and motors


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Monnit Solutions

Quiktricity LLC is now an integrator of the Monnit System. This enables us to provide wider product solutions for monitoring. Monnit gives you the ability to monitor your business at all times and make decisions or take action with its Remote Monitoring System.

With more than 80+ different types of sensors, you can monitor your operation at all times from anywhere. To find out more about Monnit’s solutions, visit their website. Monnit Information